Freezone - event services


Freezone - ‘Your reliable partner for crew, production and consultancy in technical event and theatre production management’

Freezone was founded by Jean-Michel Nelissen and Okke Gerritsen. Both had been active in different areas of the cultural sector before deciding in 1998 to join forces to launch Freezone.
Since then, they have acquired broad experience in organising and producing events for both the corporate and general public markets.

Over time, Freezone has developed from an event organiser to a company whose primary focus is on providing support for (audio-visual) productions. This includes providing crews, organisational assistance and advice. Freezone has a wide pool of flexible staff at its disposal.

The cornerstones of Freezone involve providing crew and arranging the technical production of events. These may include theatre tours, corporate events, festivals, concerts, trade fairs, conferences or product presentations. In other words, any event that involves technical aspects.

Freezone also provides advice on technical issues within businesses and cultural institutions. This may be advice on the purchase of light, sound or video systems, crew training workshops, lectures, guest seminars for students or management consultancy for organisations in technical theatre, stage or event production.

Our work is characterised by professionalism, reliability and continuity. This is clearly reflected in the many long-term relationships we have developed in the Dutch events and cultural sector. We have recently extended our services to outside the Netherlands.